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o1. Nataly Dawn » Do What You Want

so you were born in an electrical storm / took a bite out the sun and saw your future in a machine built for two

o2. Miike Snow » The Rabbit

off and on, off and on / the lights in my head flip off and on / down below, down below / the sweat on my hands is not my own

o3. Iron & Wine » Boy With A Coin

boy with a coin he crammed in his jeans / then making a wish and tossed in the sea / then walked to a town that all of us burned / when god left the ground to circle the world

o4. Metric » Calculation Theme

sleep don’t pacify us until daybreak sky lights up the grid we live in / dizzy when we talk so far / fields of numbers streaming past

o5. Stars » Do You Want To Die Together?

it was you and me, that’s what you said (and it’s always true, ain’t i here with you?)

o6. Fleet Foxes » Blue Spotted Tail

in the city only for a while / here to face the fortune in the bible

o7. Gorillaz » Crystalised (The XX Cover) (JThunder Remix)

i’ll forgive and forget before i’m paralised

o8. Ben Howard » Diamonds

all my demonds, you said, come and go with the days

o9. Andrew Bird » Imitosis

he’s keeping busy, yeah, he’s bleeding stones / with his machinations and his palindromes / it was anything but hear the voice that says that we’re all basically alone

1o. Thom Yorke » Black Swan

i don’t care what the future holds ‘cause i’m right here and i’m today / with your fingers you can touch me

11. The New Pornographers » Adventures In Solitude

balancing on one wounded wing / circling the edge of the neverending / the best of the vanished marvels gather inside your door

12. » Wax Tailor & Marina QuaisseHypnosis Theme (Panda Remix)

at the count of three you will awaken and remember nothing / you will have no memories of these trance feelings / you will not be upset by them
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